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  • The Paper Email

    Turns ordinary email into a mighty sales tool. Because it gets opened and read nearly 90% of the time. No copywriting skills needed! You’ll see the proof

  • The Visual USP Maker

    It delivers dramatic proof, at a glance, that your service or product is different and superior. So you sell more, faster

  • The Unique Naming Matrix

    Eliminates “free consultations” and makes your competitors irrelevant … so you can get paid what you deserve

  • Kevin's Critique Certificate

    Saves you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes. Because you get Kevin Donlin’s detailed feedback on any sales letter, web page, or other promotion — to make it more profitable!

  • The Un-Proposal

    Uses behavioral science to flip a switch in the minds of your prospects. People actually feel bad if they don’t buy from you! Costs nothing and is invisible to your competitors

  • And Much More

    Your 1st box of Brilliant Marketing Ideas will be rushed to you for a one-time$9.95 shipping and handling fee

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What is the Brilliant Marketing Ideas Box?

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“59% Advertising Increase!”*

“I put up a winning Adwords landing page with your ‘Hot Button Detector’ strategy… So far it’s outperforming my best converting control 35% to 22% — that’s an increase of 59%!! Thanks a mil!”
Daniel Barrera, CMC, Parkland, Florida

“15 Calls, 6 Reactivated Clients … We’re Very Happy!”*

“We had 15 people call, 6 reactivated now and another 7 will reactivate in the fall. Revenue is more than $1,500.00. And that will more than double in the fall, to over $3,000.00, when more members come back. We’re very, very happy!”
Teresa Olson, Whispering Emerald Ridge, Menomonie, Wisconsin

“2 New Customers, Paid For Itself Many Times Over!”*

“I sent out 6 letters and received 2 full price paying clients. I would not have had them if I had not sent the letters using one of the templates you gave. Thanks a ton!”
Dennis Neitz, Sales Trainer, Cottage Grove, Minnesota

“Paid For Itself Right Away!”*

“Paid for itself with the very first items I received from you. Here’s something that can be implemented right away. It’s fast, it’s direct and I highly recommend it.”
Paul Hogan, Attorney, Wichita, Kansas

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Brought to You by Veteran Marketers

Who Is Linda Neumann?

Starting out in bank marketing, Linda spent over 20 years marketing various financial products for a large California Bank. She created and marketed the first 401(k) Plan in California, winning international recognition and a prestigious marketing industry award.

In 1999, Linda started her own company as a Promotional Products Distributor and Marketing Consultant. The promotional products side of the business quickly grew. Linda believes they are the highest and best form of advertising and sold more than a half million dollars in her first full year in business. With unique insights into the competitive landscape and evolving marketing strategies, Linda knows she has the ability to help other distributors succeed – but not enough time! In teaming up with Kevin Donlin, she’s created the Brilliant Marketing Ideas Box to provide marketing assistance to any business owner, along with a special subscription option tailored to the needs of the Promotional Products Distributor. That’s brilliant!

Who Is Vanessa Allen?

Vanessa Allen is a digital marketer and brand strategist, with experience working for companies in many industries – from running shoes to window treatments, to gourmet food gifts to SaaS technology and teen travel programs. The thread that ties these experiences together is her expertise in driving response in a digital world. As a direct response marketing leader, she’s developed a track record of success in demand generation and contributing to revenue growth for startups as well as established businesses.

With a focus on creating and optimizing e-commerce and lead generation programs, Vanessa, has a wealth of experience to share, and she’s thrilled to team up with Linda Neumann and Kevin Donlin to offer the Brilliant Marketing Ideas Box to help small business owners look brilliant: To stand out in a sea of competition, to stop competing on price, and to grow their businesses doing more of the things they love to do!

Who Is Kevin Donlin?

Kevin Donlin has been marketing since 1994, when he sold one of the first ebooks online. He’s been interviewed by ABC-TV, Fox News, NBC News, CBS Radio, The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Entrepreneur, and many others. His fees for copy writing and marketing consulting range up to $62,500.

The Brilliant Marketing Ideas Box includes Kevin’s proven Marketing Mulitpliers tools and strategies – and now more! – to help bring you more new clients. For a tiny $9.95 shipping & handling fee, you risk nothing. Don’t delay and don’t miss out!

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